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Wedding & Receptions

The Loft at the Pickwick place provides a rustic yet modern canvas to help bring your dream wedding to life. With 2 floors & beautiful grounds, The Loft provides every couple with the convenience to host their full day of events from start to finish. Check out the Loft features & resources for a truly worry-free day!

Community Events

The Loft at the Pickwick Place is proud to be a community partner for a wide array of local events and gatherings. We have hosted women’s retreats, baby showers, barn dances, bingo nights, craft fairs, charity auctions, ladies night and so much more! Looking for a place to gather your people? Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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Events should be fun, not stressful!

Pulling off the perfect event, whether a wedding or a retreat, requires more than a beautiful space. There are so many details that go into any event before the actual day, and then there are the day-of details too. Pretty soon your event that was intended to be memorable and fun turns into something you just want to be over, and we think that’s a shame! So we have developed a long list of add-on resources and services available for events of all kinds to eliminate as much of the stress as possible so you can enjoy every moment.

Memories at the Loft